inity | noun ini·ty \ˈ \ī-nə-tē\   1. the state of being united or joined as a whole; oneness.

In Iyaric, inity replaces “unity”, demonstrating a general pattern of replacing “you” and similar sounds with “I”.


Inity Weekly is an online magazine highlighting artistry and conscious culture to celebrate diversity and advocate for social progress.

Our mission is to arouse the intellect and inspire activism by telling the stories of conscious creatives, many of whom may never have their stories properly told elsewhere. Sure, we can write about what’s trending to provide you with seconds of pleasure. However, churning out hundreds of words about the next big thing is not our steelo.

Our aim is to connect the dots between artistry and activism by highlighting the talent we feel are part of this tradition. We believe our way of doing things is what makes us Inity Weekly, and that empowering others and affecting progress will never go out of style.



Christy Jeziorski founded Inity Weekly as a way to communicate her passion for human rights through the power of music. As a half-Filipino and half-Polish American, it would seem unlikely that she’d find herself through Reggae music. However, she realized that Reggae was a genre that has been consistent in expressing socially conscious views, and she developed a strong admiration for the culture.

Inity Weekly started with Reggae and evolved into a publication that shares many forms of expressive mediums in addition to music, to entertain and stimulate social progress. The endeavor gave her the opportunity to be involved in concert productions and promotions such as for Winter Wondergrass, Campout for the Cause, Miami Reggae Festival, and for Reggae and World Beat artists such as Midnite, Rootz Underground, Etana, Easy Star All-Stars, Toubab Krewe, Dubskin, Congo Sanchez, and more. She also co-produced and promoted Denver’s first Mandela Day Celebration concert in 2014, and she is currently working on the second celebration that will be held on July 2015.

Christy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Communication and a Master’s degree in International Studies. She studied Human Rights Law in Cape Town, South Africa, and she co-founded The Last Best Women, an organization focusing on women’s economic empowerment through artisanship, with a co-op partnership in Brazil in the works. In addition, she developed a computer literacy program for young women aging out of an orphanage in Yetebon, Ethiopia, a program that continues to operate through Women With A Cause and Project Mercy. In conjunction with the Centura Medical Group in Denver, she also developed a program to improve emergency care in rural areas of Belize.