Gondwana and the Inity Weekly Family

Inity Weekly  is an online magazine that provides content dedicated to social issues, culture, and the environment. Using the power of media and the universal language of music, Inity Weekly unites the masses by highlighting artists that produce insightful, intelligent, and inspirational works of music, art, and literature. Inity Weekly serves as a platform for movements promoting tolerance, peace, justice, respect, community, and unity.

Since Inity Weekly was founded in August 2011, the e-zine has expanded operations to include coverage of the reggae music scene in various parts of the U.S., has been involved in promotions of concerts and poetry events, and its founder has been a repeat guest co-host on the radio show “Dub Palace” at KGNU in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2012, the Inity Weekly “en Español” column was introduced to unite with the ever-expanding audience of Spanish-speaking reggae aficionados and activists.

Whether you love and understand the power of  music as much as we do, or simply understand what it’s like to have music play an important role in who you are, you’re in good company.  - The Inity Weekly Family