Inity Weekly is an online magazine that provides content with the goal to connect a generation of conscious individuals through the power of knowledge, music, art and culture.

Inity Weekly exercises the potential of media and the universal language of music to unite the masses by spotlighting the consciously creative community and those who produce insightful, intelligent, and inspirational works of music, art, and literature as well as service to others and the environment. The e-zine serves as a platform to encourage activism that promotes tolerance, justice, respect, community, cultural pride and unity.

Since Inity Weekly was founded in 2011, the team expanded operations to include coverage of the Reggae and World Beat music scene in various parts of the U.S., and have been involved in promotions and production of concerts and poetry benefits.

In 2012, the Inity Weekly “en Español” column was introduced to unite with the ever-expanding audience of Spanish-speaking reggae aficionados and activists.

If you love and understand the power of  music and art as much as we do, or simply understand what it’s like to have these creative avenues of expression play a role in who you are, you’re in good company.


The Inity Weekly Crew:

Christy Jeziorski, Founder/Doer of Everything

Connor North, Editor/Conscious Hip-Hop Aficionado/The Quiet One

Tashina Three-Sticks, 2nd Doer of Everything/Film Student/Made in Native America

Carla Felten, Photographer/Writer/Social Worker/Reggae Festival Wiler

Gabriela Barbosa, Writer/EDM Devotee/Latin America Lover

Angela Gunn, Writer/Third Culture Kid Turned Southern Belle

Yayra Sanchez, IW en Español Writer/Translator/Mother

Shomari Ward, Reggae 101/Juris Doctor/Ask Him About Brooklyn. Ask Him About Jamaica.

Theo Wilson, In-Your-Face Writer/Spoken Word Artist/Activist