inity | noun ini·ty \ˈ \ī-nə-tē\   1. the state of being united or joined as a whole; oneness.

In Iyaric, inity replaces “unity”, demonstrating a general pattern of replacing “you” and similar sounds with “I”.


Inity Weekly is an online magazine highlighting artistry and conscious culture to celebrate diversity and advocate for social progress.

Our mission is to arouse the intellect and inspire activism by telling the stories of conscious creatives, many of whom may never have their stories properly told elsewhere. Sure, we can write about what’s trending to provide you with seconds of pleasure. However, churning out hundreds of words about the next big thing is not our steelo.

Our aim is to connect the dots between artistry and activism by highlighting the talent we feel are part of this tradition. We believe our way of doing things is what makes us Inity Weekly, and that empowering others and affecting progress will never go out of style.