inity | noun ini·ty \ˈ \ī-nə-tē\   1. the state of being united or joined as a whole; oneness.

In Iyaric, inity replaces “unity”, demonstrating a general pattern of replacing “you” and similar sounds with “I”.


Inity Weekly…

…is an e-magazine dedicated to advancing independent and activist artistry that encourages peace and progress.

Our aim is to connect the dots between artistry of all forms with issues affecting our generation today by highlighting the talent we feel are part of this tradition. We believe that the arts are a force for unity or “inity”, and we feature artists to encourage positive activism.


What inspired us?

Reggae music. Reggae is a genre of music – an art form – that has stayed true to its activist roots to this day. You’ll notice that we started out as a Reggae blog in 2011, and we’ve since evolved to cover various genres of music and art forms that inspire people. So, we’re kind of all over the place at the moment. But you’re an artist, so you can relate. We still have some work to do, but anything is possible when we stick together.

Inity Weekly is a blog, yes, and we do throw a conscious party here and there (like the Nelson Mandela Day concert every July in Denver). But now more than ever, we are a growing community of staunch artivists whose creativity needs to be exposed, if nothing else but to liberate our minds.


We’re here for you.

Thanks to your comments, events we’ve covered and produced, conversations, and inspiration from fellow friends and artists, one thing we know is that art IS activism, the arts brought us together, and creativity will keep us together. Our goal is to help you get your message across, and we can’t do this without your help. So, holler when that new album is getting ready to be released. Wave, if you have an upcoming collection of designs or visual art that deserves attention. Whistle, if you’re using creativity to empower the people. Don’t forget to email us at to give us the deets. And of course, give us a hug when we finally meet in person.


There’s more:

We have some talented friends who want to share their experiences with you. For instance, this summer multimedia artist, Thomas “Detour” Evans, will share his creative and business tips for you aspiring artivists every week. Need more inspiration? Look back at our interview archives, and maybe you’ll find the answers you’re seeking for your next creative venture. We’re adding more artivists to the roster to contribute to the weekly, so make sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay in the loop! We want to keep you inspired so that you’ll continue the fight with your lyrics, your paintbrush, your moves, your designs, your thoughts, and your hope for a more peaceful society.



No problemo! Reach out to us at or call us at (720) 446-8380, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, hear your thoughts… heck, even if you need a word of encouragement!

Don’t forget, we’re looking for contributors too! If you fit the bill, or know anyone who does, hit us up! Again:… Let’s do this!